Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I submit my application by fax or email?

    Yes, you can submit your application by email, but we do not accept the application by fax.

  2. How do I know if my application through the online system has been successfully submitted?

    After you have submitted your online application, the system will automatically send an acknowledgement e-mail and an application number to the Project Manager and the Center in charge of the project.

  3. Can I revise the application after submitting it?

    No. Please note that once you have submitted the application you will not be able to make any amendments. Though you can choose to save your application form for later amendments before submission.

  4. What will the assessment of my application be based on?

    The assessment of your application will be based to a considerable degree on the quality of your essay. All other supporting documents, such as your academic credentials, your personal introduction and your recommendation letters, though carry less weight than the essay, will all be taken into consideration in the application process.

  5. What should I write in my personal introduction?

    Your personal introduction should ideally be around 200 to 300 words. We do not have any restrictions on the content of the introduction as long as it can tell us your personality and your vision.

  6. I am a Chinese national who is currently studying in a U.S. university in the above specified regions, can I apply for the scholarship award?

    Yes, we are happy to receive applications from Chinese nationals. But since the award is chiefly targeted to support the Korean community, we can only leave one award for Chinese applicants this year.

  7. I was a recipient of the award last year, am I still allowed to apply this year?

    For the interest of justice, we would like to give the award to those who have never received it.

  8. If I am ethnically Chinese but I do not hold a People’s Republic of China passport, can I still apply for the award?

    You can apply as long as you meet the above eligibility requirements and are considered an ethnic Chinese. We do not take into consideration whether you hold a People’s Republic of China passport or a Republic of China’s passport or a Hong Kong passport etc.

  9. I have difficulty getting two recommendation letters, can I just submit one?

    The requirement of submitting two recommendation letters is mandatory. We do not accept application with only one recommendation letter.

  10. I come from Korea but my nationality is the U.S., will that affect my chances for the award?

    Your chances for the award will not be affected.

  11. One of my parents is Korean, but I was born and raised in the U.S. all my life and I hold the U.S. citizenship, can I still apply?

    Yes, you are eligible to apply.

  12. After submitting all the documents for the application, will I be requested to attend an interview?

    You will not necessarily be required to attend an interview. But we do not exclude the possibility of inviting you to an interview for further examination of your application.

  13. Do I have an advantage if I apply early during the application period?

    No. All the submitted applications will be reviewed after the application deadline.

  14. Due to the confidential issue, I can not upload recommendation letters online. What should I do?

    Please send two recommendation letters via email. On each letter please make sure to indicate the student's and college name for easy verification.