The 10th Andrew Park Foundation Scholarship Application timeline announcement

To apply for the Sulchang Andrew Park Foundation scholarship programme, please simply log on to our online application platform and submit all the supporting documents. The applications will be reviewed by an Assessment Panel, whose report on the basis of their review will be compared with the opinions of the representatives from Sulchang Andrew Park Foundation. The results of the panels’ decision will be sent out to the awardees and there will be an announcement in the newspaper.

Total scholarship: $ 25,000.00 ($ 5,000.00 to each of the 5 awarded students).

Application period: Aug 22 (Monday) - Oct 16 (Sunday), 2022

Eligibility: Current undergraduate students and/or prospective undergraduate students, who will commence his/her study as a full-time student in Fall 2022 in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut region

*Choose one of the following themes. 

Essay theme:

1) What does good luck and bad luck mean to me?
2) What effect does the current Andrew Park scholarship have on me?

Result Announcement: Information will be sent out to the awardees and there will be an announcement in the newspaper.

How to Apply

Required documents:

  1. An original copy of academic transcript for the past year
  2. A copy of the university admission letter (for prospective students only)
  3. 2 Recommendation letters
  4. An essay (400-500 words in either English or Korean/ Times New Roman font size 12 / Or Hangul Batang or Nanum Gothic size 12)

Please upload the above documents to our online application system. Please write contact telephone number.

You may submit your recommendations via online.


2021 Scholarship Awardee 

  • 1. Catherine Kim(Brown University)
  • 2. Chewon Lee(Hunter college)
  • 3. Haedam Cho(Binghamton University)
  • 4. Jisung Seo(Purdue University)
  • 5. kyounghee Youn(Queens College)
  • 6. Michelle Cho(Georgetown University)
  • 7. Nayoon Koh(Yale University)
  • 8.Youngwoo Han(Stony Brook University)

Application Procedure:

  1. Sign up and create profile for application.
  2. A confirmation email will be sent to you from the webmaster.
  3. Upload your application and supporting documents.
  4. When the results are released, awarded applicants will receive the email.


Law Office of Andrew Park, P.C.
450 7th Avenue Suite# 1805
New York, NY 10123

Ms. Hyun Lee at

A final beneficiary requires the original school certificate and transcript. If the applicant submits false documents for the scholarship application they will be disqualified from being awarded the scholarship.